Written on the wind (1956)2

After viewing this film for the first time, I was surprised to find how captured I was to the melodramatic story rather than annoyed by it. Since I’ve grown up watching Spanish novelas, I grew tired of all the exagerrated overacting and over the top melodramas and soap operas. However, Written on the Wind, which is classified as a melodrama,didn’t seem to nauseate me. The film stars Robert Stack  as Kyle Hadley the wealthy, neurotic alcoholic, who’s sister Marylee is a troubled promiscuous loner. Kyle succumbs back into alcoholism once he realizes he is unable to conceive a baby with his wife Lucy, who may have been a possible love interest to his best friend, Mitch. This may sound like a sappy love triangle, but is in fact an interesting melodrama with in depth characters.

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  1.    alopez:

    Ha! I have to agree with you about the novelas (spanish soap operas) being overly dramatic as I grew up with them as well. This movie showed all the typical manipulative, drama-induced, love storyline that a novela would have. But I also found myself deeply interested in the movie. It was non-stop drama and it felt like I was a nosy friend interfering in their lives as I eagerly watched.

  2.    keiyenna1:

    The film was pretty good, it was basic and to the point. I agree the acting wasn’t overacting at all and compared to many movies made during this era it’s not melodramatic as its persuaded to be.

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