M: An early serial killer film3

This movie was probably the starter of all serial killer films. It revolves around a child murderer horrifying a town in Germany. The film shows the murderer as somewhat unsuspecting while he whistles on the street. I found the early scenes in the film to be incredibly creepy with the child leaving off with the murderer as he lures her with candy and a balloon while whistling that familiar tune.  The shots of the mother calling after her daughter is especially creepy because you only see a shot of an empty staircase/room. The shot of the child’s ball rolling away and her balloon floating away in the sky practically symbolizes the child’s death. Throughout the film the main audio you pretty much hear is the whistling of the murderer roaming around creating an eerie and dark atmosphere. All I kept anticipating for was for the murderer to be captured, however when he does he is in a way victimized by his capturers whom are also criminals. The murderer then begins to open up about his crime, explaining his sadistic ways as  uncontrollable. As he breaks down explaining this the capturers are non sympathetic to the character even when  he is shown as if he’s in pain and torment while pleading with the crime villagers, showing a vulnerabiltiy side to himself.  I felt this was a strong scene since this was the first time you get a vulnerable side of the main criminal which in a way makes you feel sympathetic towards him while his capturers now appear alarming as they intend to murder him for reasons only of their own personal benefit then the justifiable ones.

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  1.    rosemarie:

    I thought the earlier scenes were ‘creepy’ too. Many modern murder mystery films don’t leave much to the imagination. I think, in this film, by leaving the details to the imagination, it makes it even more scary.

    I agree with you that the scenes where the murderer tries to explain himself were really strong and dramatic.

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